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Websites, like people, are always changing, growing.

This website changes often -- changes ranging from minor, but important, updates to the addition of entire new sections. You will find all of the changes for this website cataloged here on this page so you can see what's new since your last visit.

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Revised document structure.
Moved to new server.
Created document structure.
Changed Real Player files to MP3s.
Outboarded Javascript files.
Converted webmail scripts.
Removed extraneous pages, links, menus.
Reworked pages for cleaner look.
Removed Javascript bookmarking, adding social bookmarking.
Added Subscribe Me function to homepage.
Added this What's New, Suggestion, Privacy and Copyright pages.
Added music tease on homepage loading.
Revised Recommend Us page.
Added Guest Book feature.
Added new NHT logo.
Revised graphic of Ron with game show hosts and photo of family watching TV.
Revised color scheme.
Revised navigation bar.
Registered site with ICRA for parental guidance.
Added photo of family watching TV.
Posted new TV screen NHT logo.
Posted new graphic NHT logo to replace colorized fonts.
Added tentative NHT themes for download and audience poll about them.
Posted basic website consisting of homepage and Recommend Us page.
Set up DNS service and NHT domains on The servers.

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