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Ron Gold stands out among game show hosts.
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What's the buzz on NOW HEAR THIS?  Pundits say it's a winner. Creator/producer Ronald M. Gold packed his new quiz show with the same powerful elements that make make Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and The Price is Right exciting and enduring game shows: a compelling concept and an engaging host — Ron himself.

Schooled in music, and adept in many musical forms, Ron Gold neatly balances theatricality and real-world acumen in his production of NOW HEAR THIS. A great gamer himself, Ron's place in the the pantheon of great host/producers is all but assured. (Note to Merv and Alex: Make room on the bench. Captain Ron's on the move.)

NOW HEAR THIS, which ultimately will appear on TV, on radio, and on the Web is now putting together four pilot episodes for TV. Produced in cooperation with Charles Danas and Earl Wilson, these episodes were initially taped in March 2002 at New York's Steinway Hall.

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You can be a part of the pre-production excitement. Help NOW HEAR THIS select its musical theme. We've already narrowed the choices down to four. Use the links below to audition them (each is an MP3 of about 30 seconds long), then use the poll at left to tell us which one gets your vote.

    Theme 1:  Cartoon Chorus MP3 music file
    Theme 2:  Monkeys Mix
    Theme 3:  Swing Style
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